Yellow Rose Vertical Garden / Green Wall UV Resistant Sample


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An aesthetically excellent way to enhance the appeal of any wall, fence or surface.

These stunning hand made and assembled vertical garden panels come with superb artificial tropical foliage and yellow rose bunches throughout.

The sample panel is approximately 25cm square.

Simply place your yellow flowering stems wherever you desire (stems come loosely and are easily placed into the panel).

And if its privacy youre after, weve got you covered! The artificial foliage is extremely dense so you can rest assured that your neighbours wont be peeping into your yard.

Ideal for either indoor or outdoor use, the hedges can even be used for commercial spaces such as offices, shops and cafés.

This sample panel order will provide you with a small section, approximately 25cm x 25cm of the regular 1m x 1m panel for your inspection and review.

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1 xYellow Rose Vertical Garden / Green Wall UV Resistant Sample

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 25 cm


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