Vivid Green Wide Eucalypts Plant 32cm UV Resistant


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This bright green foliage is perfect to be combined with other colorful faux plants and blends magnificently to bring an extra umph to your design.

Spring greens are perfect plants for outdoors.

It is UV resistant, so it wont damage easily.

Artificial Eucalyptus Plant UV Resistant

Add a bust of botanical green colour to your room and feel a natural serene vibe.

The plant is colored with a bright lush green which can bring a perfect contrast to many traditional artificial plants.

The spring green plant has a unique leaf shape that can add extra dimension to your artificial planting area.

Measures 32cm long x 25cm wide.

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1x Vivid Green Wide Eucalypts Plant 32cm UV Resistant

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Dimensions 20 × 25 × 35 cm


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