VERPEAK Multi Function Weight Bench VP-AB-100-XS


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Multifunctional: The adjustable weight bench is multi-purpose and can be set to 4 different backrest positions, making it suitable for a variety of exercises. Its foldable design also allows for easy storage, saving you space.

Durable and Safety Design: To ensure the safety and durability of the product, the adjustable bench is made from steel with a thickened support pipe that can handle up to 350kg, providing stable support for a variety of workouts.

Ergonomic Design: The ergonomic design with high-density foam padding ensures comfortable bench pressing. Regular bench pressing can contribute to increased bone health and strength.

Easy to Clean: The waterproof and oil resistant padding allow an easy way to clean up the bench after your workout without worrying about any spills or sweat stains.

Suitable for Standard Olympic Barbells: This adjustable bench is suitable for both standard and Olympic barbells, making it a versatile piece of equipment for strength training.



Material: Alloy Steel

Colour: Black

Frame material: Alloy Steel

Weight limit: 350 Kilograms

Additional information

Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 133 × 37 × 21 cm



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