Portable Boxwood Hedge UV Resistant 25cm High 100cm Long


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Stunning low boxwood hedge UV Resistant.

This stunning masterpiece is made with our premium grade Artificial UV Boxwood Mats so it is perfect for indoors or outdoors, and looks extremely elegant as a border, of edging.

Whether youre decorating your home, fence, balcony (to screen out an unsightly area or regain privacy) or wall, instant portable boxwood hedges are an easy and instant way to get the results you want. Portable boxwood hedges are also perfect for offices, or shops to add some greenery indoors.

If you want to elegantly divide a particular area, this handsome hedge topiary is the ideal solution. In addition to not requiring any water or trimming, this beautiful hedge will last a lifetime. So, enjoy the elegance itll bring to your home or office without the mundane hassle. The beauty of this hedge lies in the details, which is why our gorgeous creations have a natural radiance that is seemingly realistic.

Our quality, portable hedge plant / topiary measure25cm high, 25cm wide and 100cm long + boxwood leaf foliage.

Arrives flat pack for easy installation and protection during transit.

Package Content:

1 xArtificialBoxwood Hedge UV Resistant 25cm High 100cm Long

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 100 cm


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