NOVEDEN Plant Grow Light 4 Head Grow Lamp NE-PGL-100-JX


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13 Light Modes: Our plant grows light features 3 color modes (Red Light, Blue Light and Mixed Light) as well as 10 adjustable brightness levels. These settings allow users to supplement natural sunlight and thus provide a full spectrum of light required for plant growth at every stage.

3 Timer Setting: The led plant lamp offers 3 timing options (3H/9H/12H) to make it convenient for you. You can easily set the repeat time, allowing the light to turn on and off automatically, allowing you to leave your plants unattended for an extended period. So take a break and enjoy some peace of mind knowing that your plants are being taken care of.

4 Heads 80W Grow Lights: The growing light is an efficient tool for multi-layer planting, designed with four flexible goosenecks and 80 LED bulbs total (20 per light tube). This ensures you get the correctly spaced, bright lighting you need for optimal plant growth.

Multiple Use: The Grow Light is a reliable and versatile product, fit for various horticultural, indoor gardening, hydroponic and food production purposes. This can prove to be beneficial in terms of promoting the sprouting of seedlings and establishing the growth of plants; moreover, it can also help improve flower quality, lengthen the flowering period and improve the taste of vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes etc. Last but not least; this light system can even save dead leaves and help with recovering them. In other words, this product offers multiple benefits to maximize your success in greenhouse environments or other related projects.

360 ?Rotation Flexible Gooseneck: The gooseneck plant light offers maximum flexibility, with 360?rotation capability. It’s equipped with a USB cable and can be taken with you anywhere, whether it? at home or the office. Featuring an adjustable design, it can be adjusted to provide optimal personal lighting coverage.

Super Sturdy Metal Clip: Our plant lamp is designed for reliable, long-term use. The clamp comes with an anti-slip mat that enables you to securely attach it to any edge up to 2.5 inches thick, making it perfect for your shelf, table, or desk.


Head: 4 head

Wattage: 40W

Adapter: USB

Beds: 80 Pcs

Working Temperature: -20?~40?

Working Time: 3 timer setting options(3H/9H/12H)

Adjustable Covering Area: 360?flexible aluminum goose-neck

Spectral Modes: 3 color modes(Red Light, Blue Light Mixed Light) and 10 bright adjustable modes

Package Content

x1 USB

x1 Plant grow light

x1 User manual

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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 35 × 14 × 9 cm



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