Dynamic Power Air Hose Retractable Reel Auto Rewind Heavy Duty Wall Mounted 30m


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Dynamic Power Air Hose Retractable Reel Auto Rewind Heavy Duty Wall Mounted 30m


If you are looking for a reliable air hose reel for your home or commercial workshops, then the Dynamic Power wall-mounted retractable air hose reel is your choice.

A 30-metre hose that offers you the freedom to move all over your workshop from a single connection point. The hose is made up of ultra-durable PVC with quality stainless steel 1/4in BSP fittings. The 2-metre leader hose connects through the back-end of the unit and provides ample length to reach a compressor situated close by. The smooth spring-loaded hose has a convenient incremental feed lock that ensures your tools stay by your side wherever you take them. When you’re done, a firm tug on the hose activates the unit’s automatic rewind system. Moreover, its self-layering mechanism ensures that the hose is neatly and evenly wound within the casing.

The Dynamic Power air hose reels are wall mountable with an encompassing 180-degree swivel. Secured with wall mounted brackets, the reels sit securely wherever you wish to place them along with your workshop. Moreover, each model is designed with removable brackets, allowing you to relocate the reels should you wish to have them in another area around your workspace. The carry handles situated at the top of the casings assist in easy transporting. These units truly do help any workspace using air tools maintain a safer and tidier working area.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to quality. Insist on our commercial grade heavy duty Dynamic Power 30m retractable air hose reel for your extensive work.


Product Features:

  • Neat, elegant hose storage solution
  • Arbitrarily lock, slow-retraction
  • Incrementally locking, auto rewind system, spring-loaded hose
  • Quality stainless steel 1/4in BSP fittings
  • Self-layering reel mechanism
  • 180-degree swivel wall mount
  • Removable design
  • Built-in handle for easy carry
  • Dynamic Power commercial-grade quality manufacturing


Product Included:

  • Air Hose Reel
  • 2m Leader Hose
  • 1x Wall Bracket
  • 1x Rod Hinge
  • 3x DynaBolts
  • Installation Instructions


Product Specification:

Brand: Dynamic Power
Hose Length: 30m PVC Air Hose
Leader Hose: 2m PVC Air Hose
Hose Material: UV resistant PVC
Colour: Grey with Orange
Fittings: 1/4in BSP
Hose I.D.: 3/8in
Working Pressure: 18 Bar/ 260 PSI
Burst Pressure: 24 Bar/ 384 PSI
Working Temperature: -5 to 45 degrees
Reel Case Material: Polypropylene
Overall Dimensions: 53 x 29 x 46cm
Weight: 10kg

Additional information

Weight 12.4 kg
Dimensions 47 × 26 × 42 cm



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