3-in-1 Mobile Rolling Chair Wheelchair Commode Bedside Toilet Chair Shower Chair


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Wheelchair function: This is a simple and practical wheelchair. It has 4 universal casters with diameters of 3.9inch (10cm). The casters are hard, non deformable and durable.
Defecation function: There is a 9inch*10.23inch removable padded hole in the middle of the seat cushion. And there is a detachable bucket with capacity of 5.7L below the seat cushion, which is convenient for the elderly or disabled people to defecate.
Toilet function:we can also remove the original bucket, and move the wheelchair to the bathroom, keeping the seat cushion above the toilet to use the toilet. This can save us the trouble of cleaning the bucket.
Shower chair function: The surface of the seat cushion is made of PVC waterproof fabric. When locking the four wheels, we can sit on the chair to bath. For those who need to take care of the elderly or paralyzed patients, this is undoubtedly a great help.
Material load-bearing:The wheel chair frame is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, bearing up to 150KG

bucket with capacity: 5.7L
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Weight Capacity: 150kg
Item Weight: 7.5KG
1x toilet chair

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