NOVEDEN 24pcs 120CM Metal Plant Support Stakes (Green) NE-PSS-100-JC


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Organise Your Vegetable Garden: Organise your vegetable garden in a way that is more convenient for you and makes it look neat and orderly.

Suitable for Natural Climbing Plants: This product is perfect for natural climbing plants like shrubs and vines. It provides a strong vertical support for them to grow, promoting upward growth.

Plastic Coated Steel: These garden stakes are made from plastic-coated steel, making them durable and ideal for long-term use.

Non-Slip Bump Design: These stakes have a non-slip bump design that helps the plant grip the stake as it grows, preventing it from slipping or falling over.

Rust Protection: These stakes are covered in a plastic coating that provides weather and rust protection. They’re easy to reuse and long-lasting, making them great for any garden.


Colour: Green

Length: 120cm

Diameter: 11mm

Number of Stakes: 24

Product Dimension: 120 x 1.1cm

Material: Plastic Coated Metal Steel

Package Content

24x Plant Support Stakes

Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 122 × 7 × 7 cm



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