KILIROO Rechargable Flashlight 1200 High Lumens with 5 Modes KR-RF-100-RB


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Compact and Lightweight: At 184g, this flashlight is lightweight and conveniently sized to slip into your pocket or shoulder bag for everyday use. Its compact dimensions make it an ideal choice for everyday carry, and it feels comfortable and easy to hold in your hand.

High lumen brightness: The P50 lamp beads, which are 10 times brighter than T6 bulbs, offer a maximum of 1200 lumens. This flashlight is designed to be life waterproof, meaning it can handle water from handwashing and minor rainfall without issue. It’s ideal for outdoor activities in any weather condition.

Zoomable and 5 modes: This flashlight features five different modes: Strong light, Medium light, Low light, Strobe, and SOS: allowing you to easily adjust the lighting to suit your needs. With single-hand operation and a one-button design, it’s effortless to use. Not only that but pulling on the lamp head can also modify the beam’s width and range from wide to narrow. This makes it perfect for various outdoor activities such as camping or hiking.

Unique Durable lamp head: The head design is both stylish and functional, allowing you to easily see if the flashlight is turned on or off when placed on a flat surface. Due to its durable construction, it also can be used in emergencies, such as breaking windows.

Type-C Rechargeable Indicator: The light indicator displays the battery level; When the battery is low, it will blink red and when it is fully charged, it will turn green. It features a built-in TYPE-C charging port and we have included a charging cable for you!


Lumen: 1200Lumen

Battery: 2200MAH

Net weight: 184G

Gross weight: 304G

Mode: Rotate zoom

Material: aluminum alloy

Battery capacity: 2200MAH

Switch: middle push switch

Charging method: Type C charging

Waterproof level: life waterproof

Product size: 16*4.2 (lamp head) *3.2 (lamp tail) cm

5 Modes: strong light-medium light-low light-flash-SOS

Features: broken window hammer, P50 lamp beads (10 times brighter than T6), retractable, reminder light

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Dimensions 18 × 5.5 × 5.5 cm



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