Handle for Miele (Complete, Classic, Compact, C1, C2, C3…) Vacuum Cleaners


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Handle for a Miele Complete, Classic, Compact More

An excellent alternative to the more expensive Genuine spare part, this Handle or bent end piece will serve you well and save you money. For less than half the price of the original, we find this accessory an excellent value for money. It will easily click into your existing original Miele hose.

Features Air control valve, static electricity strip, click in function with rod and hose

Suitable for models:

S8000 S8999 S8

S6000 S6999 S6

S5000 S5999 S5

S4000 S4999 S4

S2000 S2999 S2

Complete C1, C2, C3

Compact C1, C2

Classic C1

Perfectly compatible with the same shape handle on your original Miele hose; however, for extra reassurance, please refer to some more example models below:

TOTAL CARE 5000, S501, S524, S548, S370, S511, S526, S571, S371, S512, S5260, S600, S372, S513, S5261, S612, S374, S514, S528, S624, S380, S516, S5280, S626, S381, S518, S534, S628, S4210, S5210, S536, S634, S4211, S5211, S538, S636, S500, S5220, S544, S638, S644, S715, S736, S834, S646, S716, S744, S836, S648, S717, S748, S838, S700, S718, S800, S844, S710, S724, S812, S846, S711, S726, S824, S848, S712, S734, S826, S2110

Replaces Genuine Miele Part Numbers 5269091, 5269090, 9442601, 09442601, 05269091

This handle is not suitable for vacuum cleanes which have an electric power head, for example Miele SEB217-3, SEB228 and SEB236.

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Weight 0.14 kg
Dimensions 5 × 20 × 5 cm


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