GOMINIMO Set of Two Cable Management Box with Wood Pattern Lid (White) GO-CB-101-CD


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NO MORE CABLE CHAOS: Banish the mess of power strips, adapters, and cords that make your desk look like a jungle and your floor like a snake pit. The GOMINIMO Cable Management Box Set lets you hide them all in two sleek and stylish boxes that blend in with any decor. One large and one medium, for all your cable needs.

BAMBOO-ZLED BY BEAUTY: The boxes come with customized bamboo lids that add a touch of natural elegance to your workspace. Whether you place them on your desk or on the floor, they will make your cables look like they belong there. Plus, they have two cable openings on each side for easy access and organization.

SAFE AND SOUND: The Cable Management Box Set is not only good for your eyes, but also for your kids and pets. It keeps them away from the dangers of electrical equipment and gives you more space to play and work. And with the detachable lids, you can easily check and adjust your cables whenever you want, while keeping them tidy and dust-free.

YOUR CHOICE, YOUR PLACE: You can put the boxes wherever you want. On your desk, under your bed, behind your sofa�the possibilities are endless. It�s your cable management solution, so make it yours.

WOOD YOU BELIEVE IT: The boxes are made of HIPS plastic with wood grain that looks and feels like real wood. It�s light, sturdy, and resistant to moisture and damage. It�s the best of both worlds.


Comes with two different sizes:

Large size: 40.5*13.6*15.7cm

Medium size: 32*13.5*13cm

Colour: White

Gross Weight: 1085g

Packaging Weight: 1.3kg

Type: Cable management box

Packaging Dimension: 43 x 16 x 15.5cm

Material: HIPS plastic with wood pattern lid

Package Content

1 x Set of Two Cable Management Box

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 43 × 16 × 15.5 cm



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