GOMINIMO 34 Pcs Lock Picking Kit with 3 Transparent Practice Training Padlocks 6 Keys and a Carrying Bag (Black) GO-LPK-100-RYT


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Transparent Perfect for practice: Gominimo’s transparent lock is ideal for beginners to develop their lock picking skills. Its see-through body helps understand mechanics and execute technique with precision.

Durable and Quality Material: Made from high quality stainless steel, our lock picking kit will ensure a longevity and reliability. This means you can trust that it will remain in excellent condition over time.

Practical Training: Our lock picking kit is a practical and entertaining way to improve your lock picking skills and gain knowledge about how locks work.

Safety Design Tools: The handle design allows for a secure grip, reducing the risk of slippage or injury. This makes our tool a safe and user-friendly option for anyone interested in lock picking. The ergonomic handle that ensures comfort and convenience during use.

Detailed Instruction Manual: We understand that learning lock picking can be challenging for beginners. That’s why our lock picking kit comes with a detailed instruction manual that provides step-by-step guidance on how to use the tool effectively and safely.


Brand: Gominimo

Material: Steel, Stainless Steel, Plastic

Number of Pieces: 34

20 Lock Picking Tools

6 Keys

3 Transparent movement padlock

3 Tension wrenches

1 Automatic tensioning tool

1 Black tool kit

Package Details

Packaging Dimension: 23 x 13 x 5.5 cm

Packaging Weight: 0.5kg

Packing Includes : 1x 34 Pcs Lock Picking Set, 1x User Manual

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 23 × 13 × 5.5 cm



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