Brateck 65′ 1.45m x 0.81m Tripod Portable Projector Screen 16:9 ratio Black


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The Portable Tripod Projection Screen PSDA65 is perfect for education, commercial presentations or residential home cinema. The lightweight and steady tripod design is equipped with the durable budget octagonal metal case which is available in black or white color. It includes convenient locking and hanging mechanism for adjusting height. Its case with heavy-duty roller and reliable spring inside also offers easy and stable operation. Black backed screen material eliminates light penetration for superior color reproduction. Standard 4-side black masking borders. Matte white screen material with 1.0 gain and 160viewing angle is durable and easy to clean. The projection area of this 65 screen is: 1.45×0.81m.

●Velvet Covered Aluminum Frame: enhances overall appearance and absorbs projector overshoot
●Fix Plate Tabbed Backing: allows for high tension uniformity which results in a flawless taut projection surface
●White Soft Projection Screen Fabric: is more resilient
●Optional grey matte white screen material
●Sliding wall mounts provide adjustable horizontal centering
●Black-Backed Screen Material: eliminates light penetration for superior color reproduction
●Optional curved frame border
●Optional Acoustically Transparent screen material

Product Category: Fix Frame Projection Screen
Rank: Premium
Screen Material: PS White Soft Fabric
Maintenance: Cleanable
Viewing Size(WxH): 1.45×0.81m
Top Border(B1): 8cm (3.1″)
Bottom Border(B2): 8cm (3.1″)
Side Border(B3): 8cm (3.1″)
Diagonal: 65″
Ratio: 16:9
Viewing Angle: 140
Gain: 1.1
Case Dimensions: 161cm (63.4″)
Installation: Wall Mounted
Certification: RoHS

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Dimensions 17.5 × 20 × 15 cm


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