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Under the sea! Let your kids and friends have a splashing great time with our Bestway Unicorn Slide Play Pool. Featuring a wonderful play area with a magical theme, the pool has a wide two-person slide and plenty of interactive play with a magic wand and a unicorn ring-and-ball toss game with the included inflatable star ring and six balls. Attach the garden hose to the arch water sprayer and your kids will have an even more wet and wild time in this mini water park. Everything is made child-safe with the sturdy pre-tested vinyl, safety valves and cushioned floor at the foot of the slide for a safe landing. After all the splashing is over, the play pool can be easily emptied and deflated for safe storage until the next play time. Plus, a repair patch is included in case of accidental leaks so that your child can continue to enjoy aquatic fun for years to come.


Includes 1 pool, 1 slide, 1 inflatable star ring, 1 magic wand, 6 play balls

Built-in unicorn with horn and hoop for ring and ball tossing games

Cushioned landing area

Arch water sprayer attaches to garden hose

2-person slide

Repair patch

Full-colour box


Dimensions: 274cm x 198cm x 137cm

Designed water capacity: 220L (58 gal.)

Package Content

1 x Bestway Unicorn Slide Play Pool

1 x Repair patch

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